Sunnyvale Farmers' Market

Sunnyvale, California
Sunnyvale offers one of the best farmers markets in the bay area at Sunnyvale Farmers Market, located between Washington Avenue and the Sunnyvale CalTrain station. Sunnyvale Farmers Market operates each and every Saturday from 9 AM to 1 PM. There are so many reasons to visit our local farmer’s market, not least of which is the support of local growers and suppliers. While supermarkets, grocery stores, department stores, and even drug stores offer products localized to the areas where they operate, it is much more difficult to figure out exactly where these products came from. They source products from around the country as well as many overseas suppliers; this includes produce, clothing, accessories, and more. At Sunnyvale Farmers Market, you can be sure that you are supporting our local hard-working growers and artisans. If you ever have a question about the source of a product, you can ask the producer him or herself. Sunnyvale Farmers Market offers locally grown and fresh fruits and vegetables, flowers, meat such as local grass-fed beef, bread, clothes, and accessories. You’ll also find free samples, amazing prepared food and breakfast, too!
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Saturday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Murphy Avenue at Washington Avenue, Sunnyvale, California 94086
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